Some landlords will accept larger pets than others. A lot will depend upon your qualifications. For example, if you exceed our qualifying standards, many owners are more likely to approve the larger pet than if you just barely qualify.
The following breeds or mix thereof, are prohibited in any of our properties: 
  •  Pit Bull Terrier    Staffordshire Terrier
     Rottweiler       German Shepherd
     American Bulldog  Siberian Husky
     Doberman Pincher  Fila Brasiliero
     Cane Corso  Mastiff
     Presa Canario  Dogo Argentino
     Alaskan Malamute  Czech Wolfdog
     Tosa Ken  Perro de Presa Mallorquin
     Chow  Wolf Hybrids
     Akita  Great Dane
     Belgian Malinois  Or any mix there of